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The articles linked below offer "How To" guides on a wide range of photographic topics. If you find updates or corrections are needed, please let us know. Also see older articles in the archive.

Mastering the Craft of Photography
Mastering the Craft of PhotographyKent Mason offers this concise synopsis of his popular course.
Photography Techniques
FlowersFlower expert Anita van Rooy describes two modern techniques to improve macro photography: expanding depth of field and creating backgrounds.
Moonrise and MoonsetTips and examples for including the rising or setting moon in your photographs.
Multiple ExposuresMaster photographer Tony Sweet shows us how to create impressionist art with the camera, exposing myriad fresh possibilities.
Visual DesignGuest contributor Carl Root presents a detailed visual design narrative with photo series of a piano found discarded in the woods.
PhotomicrographyGuest contributor Ted Oberman offers his approach to abstract photography using a microscope-mounted camera, illustrated with some fascinating images.
Visual ExtractionGuest contributor Marianne Davis focuses on Line, Shape and Texture using Visual Extraction, with gorgeous example photographs
RainbowsAn in-depth look at finding and photographing rainbows, how and where they form, and ideas for effective compositions beyond the ordinary rainbow snapshots.
Real EstateSecrets (no longer) of photographing real estate interiors for sales or rentals. Several easy ideas for improving the look of rooms in photographs.
Presentation Techniques
How to Create Photo EssaysSlide show masters Gordie Corbin and Judy Switt join Tom Field in this guide to artistic, multimedia presentations using music and photographs (PDF document).
Electronic Presentation Tom Field's recommendations for How to Prepare Images for Electronic Presentation, such as a digital projector or computer slide show (PDF document).
Quick Tips
Quick TipsA collection of useful equipment ideas to ease the photographer's role.
Some you may know, others may be new.
Photography Destinations
Best of DCInaugural Edition (2009) coffee table book with articles about photographers Tom Field and Roy Sewall
Kent Mason videoKent Mason discusses conservation, nature, habitats, and his photographic vision of West Virginia (filmed by The Nature Conservancy)
The Potomac HighlandsKent Mason's article and vast collection of stunning images on the Dolly Sods Wilderness and Scenic Area and the Bear Rocks Preserve.
Potomac RiverRead about Roy Sewall’s first coffee table photo book, Our Potomac, from Great Falls through Washington, D.C.
Great Falls and Mather Gorge (Potomac River)Read about Roy Sewall’s second coffee table photo book, Great Falls and Mather Gorge, published 2009
Captiva Island, FloridaSunsets and twilight photography on a tropical island paradise
Using Equipment
Batteries 101All the photographer needs to know about photo batteries: care guide, comparing types, getting the most from rechargeable batteries.
Optical Slave Flashes with Canon E-TTLE-TTL flashes can false-trigger optical slave flashes. Here's why, and how to prevent it from ruining your flash images.
HeadlampsNEW! Headlamps for Night Photography

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