Tom Field's Photo Gallery
Photo Essays (slide shows with music as video)
California Dreaming Death Valley

Photo Essay presented 2012. Seven days in Death Valley can barely scratch the surface of this photographer's play land.

California Dreaming California Dreaming

Photo Essay presented 2011. Compilation of travel photos from redwood country, through the eastern high Sierra, the mountains and waterfalls of Yosemite National Park (including the tiny one pictured left), and to the rugged seascapes of the Big Sur.

Capital Vision Capital Vision

Photo Essay presented 2010. A sampler of scenes in and around Washington DC from Tom's extensive library. Though mostly still images are included, there are short clips of HD video filmed through super-telephoto lenses (up to 1600mm effective field of view).

Iceland Iceland with photos by Roy Sewall, Alan Sislen, Bob Peavy and Tom Field

Photo Essay presented 2009. A collaboration by these four photographers, who journeyed together to this magical island.

Majestic Italy Majestic Italy

Photo Essay presented 2009. Condensed essay based on the two-DVD slide show. The music was recorded on location during concerts and performances by a choir touring Majestic Italy.

Canadian Rockies Canadian Rockies

Photo Essay presented 2008. Composite photos (HDRs, panos, HDR panos, and focus blending) of Banff and Jasper. These two parks encompass quite a large area with amazingly diverse and beautiful scenery.

Washington DC
Scenes of the United States Capitol United States Capitol. Arguably the most impressive legislative house in the world, it is perfectly sited atop Capitol Hill overlooking the National Mall. Whether viewed from miles away in Virginia, from the manicured grounds, or in macroscopic detail, the Capitol is always inspiring.
Scenes of the Potomac Potomac River Scenes near Washington DC. Some familiar viewpoints, along with some unusual circumstances and perspectives that may surprise.
Travel and Special Techniques
Stars and Light Painting Stars and Light Painting in Arches and Bryce Canyon National Parks. I learned star trails, light painting, and much more from Jon Fuller (Moab Photo Tours) and master photographer Tom Till. They co-lead workshops, one of which is a unique day-and-night photo week in Arches and Canyonlands during the darkest part of November. Great instructors and a great time: highly recommended!
Scenes of the Desert Southwest Desert Southwest. While the desert southwest of the United States has been photographed more than perhaps anyplace on earth, it justifies that attention. And it seems to constantly provide new variety for the eager shutterbugs. Among the places that draw me are the Grand Canyon, Arches, Bryce, and Zion.
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