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I do not see the "slide show" images at the top of this page changing every few seconds

You'll need scripts (Javascript) enabled to use some features of this web site. If you can see the images in the "slide show" at the top of this page changing every few seconds, you're all set. Else, turn on scripts in your browser.

For example, using MS Internet Explorer 6 go to menu Tools : Internet Options, Security Tab, select Internet, click Custom Level, and scroll to Scripting near the bottom; enable Active Scripting (note this is the default for most users). You do not have to enable ActiveX controls - we don't use any.

When I click a thumbnail image, I do not get a pop-up window with enlargement.

See the note on enabling Javascript above.

I want to print pages from this Web site

To print pages from this site, set your browser print margins to one-half inch left and right. For example, using MS Internet Explorer go to menu File : Page Setup and set the margins.

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